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Unlocking Tomorrow's Possibilities: Pioneering the Next Era of Genetic Technology and Synthesis


[ 01 ] Our technologies are catalysts, transforming industries and unlocking opportunities invalue creation


Ola Wlodek

Constructive Bio, CEO

Our Investors

[ 01 ] OMX Ventures is a VC firm investing in early-stage companies building tools and instrumentation for life sciences, and novel platforms for therapeutics.

It was founded upon the simple idea that in this new Century of Biology, scientists and engineers will radically remake the future of medicine through the use of better tools, big data and computing, and the forward application of biologic insights for the creation of new tools and technologies.

OMX Ventures

[ 02 ] Ahren is an investment institution that supports transformational companies at the intersection of deep tech and deep science that will penetrate, or create, massive markets.

Ahren believes in taking asymmetric, considered, risk that will deliver superior rewards - capturing a generational opportunity to provide smart capital to deep technology.


[ 03 ] Amadeus Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in European high-technology companies.

Amadeus bring the know-how and networks to help entrepreneurs build great companies, from early stage to global growth.

Amadeus Capital Partners

[ 04 ] General Inception is pioneering company creation as the first Igniter company. As an Igniter, General Inception brings a new way to partner with inventors to ignite innovation and nurture transformational companies.

General Inception becomes a co-founder and brings together domain expertise, seasoned executive talent, infrastructure resources, and capital to nurture and scale growth throughout the entire company journey.

General Inception

Our Vision in Numbers

Launched with a significant $15 million in seed investment to bring our ground breaking research to life and drive innovation.

Million Dollars

Market impact

[ 01 ] Utilising our synthetic genome and biopolymer technology paves the way for innovative material solutions, promoting sustainability and industry evolution

[ 02 ] Our advanced synthetic genome and biopolymer tech enhance research capabilities, enabling precise experimentation and groundbreaking discoveries in scientific fields

[ 03 ] Our synthetic genome and polymer technology could usher a new era of agriculture, addressing key challenges and unlocking sustainable growth for farmers and communities around the world

[ 04 ] Leveraging our synthetic genome and biopolymer innovations, we're transforming biopharmaceuticals, ensuring advanced treatments and therapies for global health challenges


Constructive Bio masterfully unites technology and expertise, exemplifying unwavering commitment to trust in every partnership. Their proven credibility and unmatched value speak volumes

Paul Conley

Paul Conley

General Inception, CBO

By using AI and deep insight to enable the scalable and economical production of designed peptides and proteins containing non-canonical amino acids, Constructive Bio is building new drugs that will significantly improve patient outcomes. Constructive’s approach will also enable novel polymers such as high performant, biodegradable, and cost-effective plastics.

Craig Asher

Craig Asher

OMX Ventures

The key to unlock the complete synthetic biology palette is finally here

Ana Bernardo-Gancedo

Ana Bernardo-Gancedo

Amadeus Capital Partners

We are delighted to support Jason and the Constructive team in commercializing these breakthrough technologies. With highly valuable near-term applications and transformational potential across a wide range of industries in the medium term, we believe it is important to establish Constructive with the resources and tools to fully capture this value.

Matthew Newcombe-Ellis

Matthew Newcombe-Ellis

Ahren Innovation Capital

Our cutting edge technologies unlock a vast array of applications, presenting boundless possibilities for the future.

Freddie Dudbridge

Freddie Dudbridge

Commercial and Development Manager at Constructive.Bio

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