We harness

employing synthetic genomics and non-canonical amino acids to craft advanced biopolymers.


Next Generation Biologics

We expand the chemical toolkit of cells to produce innovative biologics with site-specific functionalisation for improved precision, potency, and patient outcomes. Our technology functionalises molecules with unprecedented specificity and fidelity


Programmable Biomolecules

We hijack the protein translation machinery of cells to produce sequence-defined biopolymers at scale. Customisable biomolecules, meticulously crafted with non-canonical building blocks, unlocking new dimensions in therapeutics, chemicals, biomaterials, and beyond


Syn61 Bioproduction

With supply chains increasingly reliant on bioproduction, the resilience and robustness of bioprocesses is critical. Syn61, our flagship strain, has built in firewalls against phage attack and horizontal gene transfer. Syn61 is the first of a new class of synthetic organisms designed for reliable and safe biomanufacturing


Fully programable Polymers

Utilizing our unique E. coli strain, Syn61, Constructive Bio leads 
in programmable biomolecule synthesis.

Our Science

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Our cutting edge technologies unlock a vast array of applications, presenting boundless possibilities for the future.

Freddie Dudbridge

Freddie Dudbridge

Commercial and Development Manager at Constructive.Bio

Our Case Studies

Peptides with non-canonical amino acids

The making of Syn61