About us

Constructive Bio: Pioneering theFuture of Genome Writing

[ 01 ] We are pioneers of genome writing and genetic code reprogramming. We explore unchartered chemical space to build programmable biomolecules beyond what nature can do, with applications across industries.

[ 02 ] The vision? Programming cells to become thesustainable biofactories of the future.

Our state-of-the-art technologies have yielded virus-resistant organisms capable of producing new-to-nature biopolymers. This is the foundation for an entirely new eneration of therapeutics and sustainable biomaterials.



At Constructive Bio, we develop technologies for rewriting the genetic blueprint of living cells at scale.

Our Applications

We rewrite the genetic code of living cells to enable themto produce novel classes of biomolecules from therapeutics to biomaterials

and facilitate their manufacture invirus resistant strains

Our Innovation

Our platform is based on two core technologies:

large-scale DNA assembly for constructing bacterial genomes and genome reprogramming for incorporating non-natural amino acids to create “new to nature molecules”.

Under Prof. Jason Chin and Dr. Ola Wlodek, our 20+ years experienced team has authored 178 publications in synthetic biology and biopharma.



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